Last Train to Zinkov

Zinkov: a small town in rural Ukraine, and the ancestral hometown of the Gusakovs...



David Gusakov arrived in Vermont in 1973, joining the Vermont Symphony that year and bluegrass/swing band Pine Island the next. In the intervening 42 years he has been a full-time musician, playing with such groups as the Midnite Plowboys, Redwing, Swing Shift, Will Patton Ensemble, Swing Noire, and Michele Choiniere. At home in a wide variety of genres, he brings improvisatory flare and depth of feeling to everything he plays. 





Nathan Gusakov lives with his family in Lincoln, Vermont, near the headwaters of the New Haven River, where he makes his living as a carpenter and musician. Nate is self-taught on the banjo, and his first album of all-original music, Running Clear (2011), received praise for its “stellar claw hammer style banjo and rich lyricism” (Jamie Masefield, Jazz Mandolin Project).



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